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 There are two kinds of product series of Power-cut magnetism sustaining unit: the product series GTB is designed for rated voltage control mode; the product series GTBT has the function of power-cut magnetism sustaining as well as magnetism regulating, which can easily control the pieces of being handled steel plates by adjusting field exciting voltage of the electromagnet freely.
Main features:
  1. It will auto changeover the power supply in case of sudden power-cut of transmission-line system of electric power during operation. The holding materials will be guaranteed not to fall down during the set time, and the band-type brake of the hoister will be open to release the attached materials down to the ground safely.
  2. The unit has complete integration provided special charging equipment and wonderful testing & display alarm system.
  3. Using value controlled all sealed non-service plumbic acid batteries, auto charging without man-watching. The batteries will auto changeover the charging mode by self monitoring. It has a long durability.
  4. The unit is light and compact. There is no special requirement for installation; easy and convenient to be serviced.
  5. The unit has high expansibility. It can offer all kinds of interlockers and many control modes according to the user's need, such as driving control, remote control, centralized control and etc.

Main Technical Parameter:

Address:West 100m of crossroad of linjiu road and fuxiao road,Linqu county,Shandong province,China. Tel:+86 (0)536 3370878 Mobile phone:+86 15053685879