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Suspended Magnetic Separators Installation

Suspended magnetic separator installation:
Select the installation location:
(1) Large area, easy mobility and lifting separator
(2) facilitate the removal iron of separator
(3) facilitate installation of rails
(4) preferably mounted above the conveying drive pulley or the transition roller near drive pulley.
Suspended Method:
Suspended method have tilt, horizontal two kinds, and they are decided base on separator working position.
Tilt installation:
(1) When above the conveying drive pulley, the self-cleaning separators to be lengthways tilt installed. The main drive roller of separator at low position. Dip Angle:a = 15  ~ 30 ,

 (2)Suspended at the conveying belt uphill or downhill segment, then the separator longitudinal direction must be vertical with conveying belt, allowing tilt installation,Dip angle accordance with the conveying belt uphill or downhill, but max angle <18

Horizontal installation:
In addition to conveying belt on the uphill or downhill section, the more horizontal run, the separator can be installed horizontally above arbitrary horizontal segment of the conveyor belt, magnetic separator should be hung vertically with the conveyor belt.

Hanging rail options:
Number of Rail: Heavy separator, select the double track hanging priority. Lightweight separator or just three hanging point separator, generally monorail hanging.
Rail direction: Under field conditions, magnetic separator hanging above the conveyor belt head, its rail perpendicular or same direction with the conveyor belt. Above the uphill or downhill section and the horizontal segment, its rail direction must be perpendicular with the conveyor belt.
Trolley options:
(1) Self-cleaning separator,usually selected manually trolley.
(2) Manual cleaning magnetic separator: must select the electric trolley.
Installation Tips:
(1) above the conveyor belt head tilted installation, the conveyor belt drive roller preferably made ​​in non-magnetic material.
(2) If installed in other locations, best installation non-magnetic roller below conveyor belt.
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