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MW5 Handling Steel Scraps Lifting Electromagnet

  Lifting electromagnets for bulk materials handling,MW5, MW61 are developed based on the production experiences of many years, focusing on prolonging the service life and lifting capability. They are ideal lifting tools to minimize the labor strength as well as improve the work efficiency.

Basic principle and operating conditions

1.Basic principle

Fed with DC current by the power supply and control cabinet, a strong magnetic field will be generated inside, which gives strong magnetic force on the attached materials through body magnetic circuit and work airgap to lift the materials.

2.Operating conditions

No more than an elevation of 2,000 meters. Environmental media temperature:

Normal temperature type: not more than +40centigrade, no less than -20centigrade.High temperature type: not more than +50centigrade, no less than -20centigrade.No explosive danger or corrosive gas exists around.Relative humidity: not more than 85%

Used both indoors and outdoors.

Model and its designation

1 = type code: lifting electromagnet

2 = design code: 5 for circle structure; 61 for ellipse structure

3 =basic specification code: electromagnet diameter (cm)

4 = derived code: L for aluminum

5 = auxiliary specification code: QS = diving type

                             1 = normal temperature type

                             2 = high temperature type

6 = refers to working frequency

Application range

This series of electromagnet is widely used for metallurgy, foundry, machinery manufacturing and transportation departments and so on, cooperated with lifting equipments to load and handle the magnetic materials such as pig irons and scrap steel.

Structure and its features

The magnetic circuit of lifting electromagnet consists of cover, inner and outer magnetic pole, iron core and attached materials.The magnetic coil will be put into the airtight container made of bell cover, non-magnetic protection plate, and fixed with insulation rubber.High temperature type electromagnet adopts double radiation special heat insulation structure.Diving type electromagnet adopts welding structure which has gone through air tightening test. Outlet box will go through special sealing treatment and simulation test before delivery.

Adopt electrical casting steel or low carbon steel as main conductive materials of magnetic circuit with excellent magnetic conductivity and well finished performance.With the same lifting capability as normal temperature electromagnets, high frequency and high temperature type electromagnets have a little increase in weight to minimize the power consumption.Adopt complete-sealed structure with good moisture proof performance.Diving type electromagnet can be used under the water with good anti-water capability.

Provided with good heat radiation and heat insulation performance; safe, reliable and durable.

Electrical performance

The electromagnet operates in repeatedly short-time working mode. Duty cycle for normal electromagnet is 60%, 75% for high frequency electromagnet ten minutes for a cycle. That is:

tp means the working time from being energized to lift the materials to the destination and, to release the attached materials; tn means the stop time of returning back to the original position. Working time plus stop time equals to a cycle.The stable constant temperature of electromagnet should not exceed allowed temperature rise value under rated working voltage and duty cycle at 60% (75%).The electromagnet will be operated in three modes: fixed voltage excitation, strong excitation and over excitation. The strong excitation voltage should be no more than 290V, with excitation time less than 10s; over excitation voltage no more than 350V, with excitation time less than 8s; the lifting capability of the electromagnet will be accordingly improved by using strong excitation and over excitation voltage.

Operation Attentions

Cold insulating resistance of the electromagnet should be measured before use, no less than 1megohm at room temperature;Do not energize the electromagnet to operate before smoothly put onto the material surface. Never use the electromagnet as sliding hammer.The lifting operation shall be done on the flatten parts of the scraps.High temperature electromagnet is used for handling high temperature materials; and normal temperature electromagnet for normal temperature materials, which is not allowed to handle high temperature materialsDo not keep the electromagnet stay on the high temperature materials. The electromagnet can only be close to the materials while surface temperature drops to less than 700centigrade.Do not let the electromagnet stay, hover or store in the high temperature area when not in use.Try to reduce the contact time between electromagnet and high temperature materials.Temperature of non-diving type electromagnet can not be lowered with water.Electromagnet of low duty cycle can not be used as that of high duty cycle. Available electromagnet shall be chosen as per the local conditions. The electromagnet will ascend or fall along with the crane, so the power cables shall be avoided broken or damaged.The voltage and current indication value displayed on the control cabinet shall be observed regularly during work.The energizing current of the electromagnet shall be between the cold current and the hot current.The voltage allowable errors shall be no more than 10%.Electromagnet shall be kept dry, and stored at the clean, ventilated place without harmful materials around after use.The chains and pins shall be regularly checked for wear, and replaced timely when original diameter less than 90%.

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