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 DZ series motor vibratory feeders is a new, energy-saving generic feeding equipment. The machine uses a new type of vibration motor for the excitation source, has a simple structure, compact, easy to use and maintenance, continuous and equably feeding, trough wear small, long life, often combined with a vibrating conveyor, vibrating screen,crusher.for automatic control of the process, a ideal feeding equipment for metallurgy, mining, coal, electricity, building materials, chemicals, etc.
The working principle and structure characteristics:
  DZ series vibratory feeders is driven by a new electric vibration motor, so that the body along the direction of the chute body for periodic linear vibration to achieve continuous and equably feeding. The series vibratory feeder consist of the feed chute body, vibrating motor,absorber components.
Installation and commissioning, use and maintenance:
  a, vibratory feeder use for batching, dosing, in order to ensure a equably feeding, to prevent the material gravity, should be installed horizontally, such as for general continuous feeding, can be down-dip 10 installation. For viscous materials and high moisture material, can be down-dip 15 installation.
  b, after the installation, should be left 20mm gap, should be horizontal at lateral, suspension device is flexible connections.
  c, Before empty test, the entire bolt will be screwed, especially the vibration motor bolts, after 3-5 hours of continuous operation, should be re-tightened once.
  d, When commissioning, the two vibrating motor must rotate against each other.
  e, During feeding, should always check the amplitude and current and noise stability, if is abnormal, should promptly stop and treatment.
  f, motor bearings every two months filling lubricants, high temperature season, lubricants should once a month.
Overall Dimension Diagram:


Technical Parameter Table:


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