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Control principle diagram:

  TDG constant weight feeder is a ideal equipment for continuous weighing of bulk materials,use dynamic feeding measurement method and computer frequency control, with automatic belt expanding device, run deviation alarm protection and field control switch, with stable operation, high reliability, high accuracy, can good work in a relatively harsh environment, use for chemical, coal, coke, mining, building materials and other industries of bulk materials ingredients and measurement, is ideal metering equipment to achieve automatic control and stable product quality.
Structural features:
  1.C-type cold plate composed for the body frame,suitable for all kinds of non-standard body frame design;
  2.Integrated direct-coupled gear motor, low noise, low vibration, anti-dust, long life, high reliability;
  3.Gear motor with anti-torque support plate, shaft-mounted structure.directly linked to drive rollers of machine body, installation, commissioning and maintenance is extremely convenient.
  4.Endless belt, have three type: flat belt, baffle belt, skirts belt;
  5.Unique X-shaped reed weighing mechanism, reed force more evenly, better linear and reproducible;
  6.Weakening magnetic gear velocity device match up the velocity circuit to response actual speed of the motor, speed signal is accurate and reliable;
  7.Unique belt anti-deviation device, three roller structure, can freely adjust the tension roller;
  8.Feeding device with pallets can control the feed rate and sealing materials for calibration and zeroing of the machine body;
Main technical parameters:
• System accuracy: 0.5%;
• Speed range: 1:10;
• Speed mode: Variable speed control;
• Operating mode: Continuous
• Environment: Meter -50 ~ 50 ; Scale body -30 ~ 50 ; relative humidity 90%
• Power supply: ~ 220V -15% -10%, 50Hz (microcomputer part);
• Feed range: 0.2 ~ 2000t / h.
• Speed signal: 40 pulses / revolution

Technical parameter table:





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