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  Heavy-type Apron feeder widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials,coal and other industrial sectors. Apron feeder is mainly used for a certain position below storage bin, continuous transport the variety of large bulk materials to crushing, screening and transport equipment, especially suitable for primary crushing following. Apron feeder is not only suitable for coarse materials, but also suitable for fine materials.the completion of the heavy work In harsh environments, has a greater adaptability for the granularity of material changes, temperature, viscosity and frost, snow or ice knot of material. Feeding amount evenly accurate and reliable, apron feeder can be installed horizontally, can also be tilted to install, transport maximum inclination of 30 .
Structural features:
  Heavy-type Apron feeder consist of drive device, tail wheel device, tensioning device, chain plate and frame.
(1) Drive device
Drive device is power and transmission parts of apron feeder, it consists of motor, reducer and drive sprocket devices. Motor is variable speed motors to meet regulating the amount of feed. apron feeder of sprocket device uses two sprocket teeth of 6 to drive two-piece chain and slot board motion along the orbital.
 (2) Tail wheel device
Tail wheel device is turnabout part for chain plate, which consists of tail shaft, two tail wheel, bearings and other components.
(3) Tensioning device
Tensioning device uses a simple structure, safe and reliable screw tensioning device.
 (4) Chain plate
It consist of the traction chain and slot plate. Traction chain use impact-resistant, stable, reliable piece chain. the slot plate welded by 16Mn steel plate, steel ribs welded on both sides, slot plate be fastened to traction chain with high strength bolts.
 (5) Frame
Frame for the whole frame, consist of head frame, the middle frame, tail frame, be welded by channels steel, angles steel and steel plate.
Technical parameter table:

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