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The eddy current separator has a good sorting effect on a variety of non-ferrous metals, and can effectively separate non-metallic materials from non-ferrous metals, reduce labor, efficiently recover metals, and effectively increase output value.

This product is mainly suitable for:

1. Collect non-ferrous metals from the crushed material of the scrap plant;

2, Sorting and collecting aluminum and copper from aluminum-copper foundry sand and melting ash;

3, Remove the aluminum bottle cap from the glass bottle, sorting aluminum wire and aluminum alloy pieces;

4. Collect aluminum and copper from the block;

5. Collect non-ferrous metals from incineration printed boards;

6. Sort and collect aluminum alloy cans from municipal waste;

7. Select stainless steel and weak magnetic objects from large pieces of crushed materials such as used cars, old appliances, and game machines.

Working principle: 

The eddy current separator is designed based on the principle that conductors can generate induced currents in high-frequency alternating magnetic fields. When the machine is working, it will produce a high-frequency alternating magnetic field on the surface of the separating magnetic roller. When the metal enters the strong magnetic field sorting area, an eddy current will be induced inside the metal block. The magnetic field generated by the eddy current is opposite to the original magnetic field. There are mutually exclusive forces that can throw the metal block forward to achieve separation.

Technical parameter table:


Address:West 100m of crossroad of linjiu road and fuxiao road,Linqu county,Shandong province,China. Tel:+86 (0)536 3370878 Mobile phone:+86 15053685879