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This type of dust collector has the characteristics of strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency and low emission concentration, and is especially suitable for treating exhaust gas with high dust concentration (1000g/m3). It is widely used in various flue gas dust treatment needs in electric power, cement, metallurgy, chemical, mining, ceramics and other industries.

Working principle
The dust collector adopts a lower air intake compartment structure. The dusty flue gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet,some larger dust particles directly fall into the ash hopper due to inertial collision and natural settlement, and other dust rise into the bag chambers with the airflow. After being filtered by the filter bag, the dust particles are retained on the outside of the filter bag, and the purified gas enters the box from the inside of the filter bag, and then passes through the air outlet is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust of the ash hopper is periodically or continuously discharged by the screw conveyor and the separation wheel.

As the filtration process continues, the dust attached to the outside of the filter bag is continuously increased, resulting in a gradual increase in the resistance of the dust collector itself. In order to prevent the resistance do not exceed 1200 Pa, the dust collector can continue to work, and the filter bag needs to be periodically cleaned. The ash removal are started by the PLC program controller to start the pulse valve in a sequence, so that the compressed air (0.5-0.7Mpa) in the air tank is sprayed out and into the filter bag,the filter bag expands rapidly in an instant,so that shakes off the dust and achieves the purpose of cleaning. The dust collector is composed of a plurality of independent chambers, and each chamber is separately carried out in sequence during the cleaning, and does not interfere with each other, thereby achieving long-term continuous operation.

Technical parameter table:



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